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Tunes On The Grass

Starmel Spring & Leroy Henry

Here you can link to original songs penned by Richard and me starting in the late 60's into the 2000's

Most of these are roughs or work tapes designed to capture the sound immediately after composing.

We always felt that this was the most opportune time to capture the magic of a song when it was fresh.

People ask "who wrote the lyrics and who wrote the music?" Never that simple, of course. We both wrote lyrics and I wrote most of the music but Richard also had a very creative way of expressing or mouthing how he thought the vibe and syncopation of a song might go - and I would take it from there. Richard, being as prolific and unbridled as he was, often wrote more lyrics than I did. He was spontaneous and could write anywhere at any time. I was more calculated and a perfectionist and took a more deliberate approach. I suppose this combination of checks and balances served us well - but he would often get upset with me that I couldn't cut loose and just freely write away like he could. I agree. I wish I could too!

Since I have limited abilities as a guitarist, and as a vocalist, I would do the best I could on our Teac 4 track cassette recorder under the premise that we would later enlist real musicians to help bring the songs to full fruition. I was fortunate enough to know some very talented musicians and did assemble song recording sessions on our 4 track and played the role of producer.

The best recording (and also people's favorite) is Tunes on the Grass. In 1983, a Seattle producer, Tom Bertoldi, was assembling local artists for a compilation and brought me in to Studio One in Seattle to record this song. I was in heaven actually being able to record in an actual studio. I've recently put it up on You Tube for folks to enjoy. Please spread the sunshine. We need it.