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5.0 out of 5 stars Love it!

By Elsie Racite

I really enjoyed reading this book. It's very adventurous and humorous and keeps you wanting to keep reading on to see what's going to happen next. It tells the story of two best friends who go to a parallel universe and they have many adventures there. There are so many neat characters and it's written in the perfect sense where you can almost picture what is happening.


5 Stars - I can't wait for the movie!

By Carolyn Zeytoonian

Treat yourself to a fantastic, surrealistic experience chock full of quirky, colorful characters and non- stop adventures in a 1959 parallel universe that makes Alice's Wonderland seem almost normal! You never know what you'll encounter around the corner - or up the hill or even smack in front of you! And the characters! My heart went out to Albert from the moment I met him in Chapter 1 but I can't write more or I'll ruin it for those who haven't read it yet! I kept trying to visualize each setting, each character...though the authors are quite talented in crafting vibrant and detailed descriptions with names that will make you laugh out loud. The dialogue is fun and witty...but in a subtle way. I want to own this in print! I also want to see this adventure come to life on the big screen while I'm sporting a pair of 3D shades!


5 Stars

The book starts off very fast paced and is comparable to any gonzo journalist I've read before - either Chuck Klosterman or Hunter S Thompson I would say. Some of the phrasings made me laugh, and had me wondering if a beatnik had written the book with some of the adjective choices. I enjoyed the song lyrics throughout the book, while curious about what they would sound like. With that being said, it's a great escape from reality and easy to fly through, with a bit of laughter along the way.


4 Stars

I love surrealism, and fantasy. I adore it when an author, or in this case authors, help you escape into another world. After all that's what reading fiction is all about. Leaving your worries and troubles behind, and going in living in somebody else's life for a while. The authors do a beautiful job of creating this fantasy world in your mind. Excellent descriptions help you to imagine actually being there. I was very, very impressed that they took the time to select songs and music that would enhance each chapter as you read it. I have never read a book before where the authors have done that. It made it very enjoyable.


5.0 out of 5 stars

By Kristi

A great read, full of entertainment and an awesome journey!!


5 out of 5 stars By Michael

This is such a great book. The tittle is catching, and the book lives up to that. I am not sure what I expected when reading this book, but I enjoyed it and would recommend it.